Saturday, August 25, 2012

Egg Company, Headquarters for LUCASFILM (North Hollywood California, 1986)

Original building use Olson Bros Egg Company Depot.

30,000 sq.ft, structurally reinforced building, exterior green ficus over new old brick facade, interior humidified atrium  green courtyards for informal meetings and view, polarized skylights for tree growth, courtyard office glass french doors and industrial steel sash using natural daylight, restructured original wood trusses, family style kitchen, used as film production, directors offices.
Winner: BOMA Award Best Building Under 100,000 sq.ft.


Damien Slattery said...

This is a wonderful post. Thank you so much as it documents a now-gone Star War history.


Hi Damian

Thanks much, for me, it was a wonderful project , with lots of momentum after the first Star Wars ,

Chuck Knief said...

Robert: a What a find! I had lost most of my photos dueling the construction and stumbled onto your site quite by accident. Thank you for posting these photos. They brought back many good memories. And remember Char?

Stephen Salamunovich said...

What a great find to see these photographs. Thanks for posting them! I grew up down the street and remember when it was still Olsen Brothers Eggs. Later, it was the office where I trained as a casting director at Anderson, McCook & White Casting which operated in Randal Kleiser's old suite. I had heard that it was "re-created" at the facility up in Northern California but haven't been able to find out for sure....Anyway, great photos! Thanks, Stephen Salamunovich CSA